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System Requirements

Please remember to have a minimum version of one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8.0, Firefox 14.0, or Chrome 21.0

In addition you will need Adobe Flash Player. To receive this add-on and the instructions to install it, please click here.

You should also confirm that your browser has java scripting turned on and is set to allow cookies.

To help you pick a password that you will authenticate successful 100% of the time. Please take note of the following suggestions so that your experience with P.A.T.H. will remain enjoyable.

• Select a password that has numbers, letters, special characters, and contains upper and lower case. These are usually the most secure passwords because they are difficult to guess, and or crack.

o An example of this type of password would be P@ThLog1n.

• When typing your password, try to use the numbers on the keys above the letters.
o The reason for this is that not all keyboards have a number pad. If a person was to create their account using the number pad, and then had to use the top row on another computer, their typing rhythm is ultimately affected. This leads to false negative password
• Try to type your passwords as consistently as possible.
o The system that we use to monitor your type rhythm is very sophisticated. This system takes into account for standard
deviations in typing.

• Do not let other users use your secure ID.

o If you wish to allow others access to your account, give them your account security key. They can then create their secure account. Failure to follow this important instruction will eventually lead to complete denial by the P.A.T.H. system.

Account Perks

  • 24 Hour Access to your account.
  • Check out e-Statements to learn how to view your monthly statements electronically.
  • If you'd like to sign up for e-Statements, click here to apply.
  • If your already signed up for e-Statements and would like to view your account, sign in here.
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